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 You have interesting, thought provoking ideas. As to using sound, this reminds us of Pythagoras and his idea of musical strings, which is related to the golden triangle.

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> Dear Sir/Madam,
> I am a philosopher and an artist from Ýstanbul, Turkey.I am a graduate of Politics and International Relations from University of Kent in the U.K. and Philosophy and Cultural Analysis M.A. from University of Amsterdam. I have an idea about science that raises many questions for me. I would be very happy if you can criticise my idea even with a few sentences. The idea is that we could take the sound and electrical data of a living organism and correlate it with its DNA and form a database with as many species as possible and in turn when looking at a new organism(even an alien organism) we could program that database to produce a DNA from just the sound and electrical data.Without elaborating further I want to give you the idea for a first test: take the electrical impulses and natural sounds and dna sequence of 1000 types of bacteria. When you test a different type for sound and electrical impulse, the correlation data of the 1000 types of bacteria would give you a DNA sequence.
> Testing a 1001th bacteria for electric impulse and sound for actually producing a one to one match DNA could be though the other way around too; you already have the DNA of the 1001th bacteria so one could write an algorithm,  (ask for one so to speak)to produce this DNA with only the sound and electricity data as a given; asking for the unique electrical and sound graphs could follow. This can be almost infinitely perfected,; each one of the 1001 bacteria\'s triple data could be accepted as an unknown.
> If you would like to read on and I really wish that you do, please check my blog;http://episteme-spacecraft.blogspot.com/
> With Kind Regards,
> Alphan Vardarlý